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March 2022

One of the things that makes me happy about springtime is when I see the baby animals slowly moving about the ground. The browns of the winter give way to the new shoots of grass. Spring is a time for renewal, from spring cleaning to spring break. We all need time to renew, and refresh. None of us were built to go nonstop. I hope Eagle Yoga House has become a place for you to focus on restoration and reflection. Part of taking care of ourselves is engaging in the activities we enjoy. What would make you happy? A walk in the foothills? lunch with a friend? having more clear boundaries for yourself. We must have an intention and then the attention we give to it will help us to create what we desire.
Deepak Chopra says, “True abundance is the experience in which all our needs are met and our desires fulfilled”. We know true abundance when we feel joy, happiness, and vitality in every moment of our existence.” There is no need to seek abundance, we simply need to open up to what is already there. The bright sunlight, friends and family, babies and children laughing, nature, our domesticated animals, and the wildlife are true reflections of abundance. Knowing that the desires of your heart are always available if you are open to receiving them. So often we know what we need to do however the “yes, but” happens. What if every time instead of “yes, but” we said, “now what”? EYH is very family and community-oriented. Many moms and dads are trying to say “yes” to everything and feel guilty trying to take care of themselves. Ask yourself, “What would make you happy right now”(from Oprah’s Planner).
I hope this spring is brand new, fresh, and exciting for you, just like the small sheep I see on my way to the studio each day. Living in the moment, getting nourished, being content.

Last weekend the teachers in training and I had the privilege to be led through a beautiful exercise by Mane Asatryan. We first talked about our physical bodies and shaped them out of dough. Little gingerbread men and women really, we discussed the chakra system and had a deep conversation about the importance of Savasana, our final resting pose. Mane had us fill our gingerbread bodies with cotton to represent light and softness, we placed our chakra jewels on our bodies, we discussed how sometimes we get “stuck” and cannot fall into Savasana. Mane gave us tools and guided us so beautifully it was truly an amazing two hours! I am posting Amy Skinner’s gingerbread woman instead of mine because her’s was way more artistic! A fun exercise.

December 2021

You are all very dear to me and I want you to know how much your friendship means to me. Thank you for the gifts of patience, sympathy and hard work. Eagle Yoga House would not be the same without each and everyone of you! Our Christmas will be quiet and simple, which is lovely. I get to slow down and hold space for the people and animals I love.  Dennis will be home enjoying his loving dachshunds. My daughter Anna is home for the first time in six years, Marit, will be in Washington with her boyfriend. Dennis, Karsten and I will cook. We love the traditional Christmas Carols, Christmas shows, and sharing a gift or two. I will visit my horse with plenty of candy canes. As the year comes to an end remember a new beginning will happen. Eagle Yoga House will be ten years old in in 2022. I cannot thank you enough for your 

support and hard work. Many of you have been with the studio since we opened, and have truly helped us through difficult times. Our little house has become an actual community of fine practitioners, whom I am so proud of.


In my classes I have been reading from The Four Agreements, a sweet wisdom book that is very inspiring. The Third Agreement is to not make assumptions. This agreement has helped me significantly. I truly realized that from assumptions, the way someone looks at me or doesn’t look at me I have created lots of drama for myself, created misunderstandings and sadness within myself just by assuming. The holidays can be complicated I challenge you to reflect on the third agreement when with family, friends and even people you do not know. 

October 2021

Fall colors in Idaho are truly stunning. I especially enjoy walking the foothills with my dogs, Joey, Bella and Brody and riding my horse in the lovely outdoors of Eagle. I love the sound of Beeze’s hooves on the solid dirt and the snorts through her nose as she grazes. I love her velvet muzzle and her patient loving brown eyes. 

I was listening recently to a podcast about thorns and how when we have one in our body it hurts and we need to remove it. There have been plenty of times when one of my animals have had a thorn or goat head in his or her paw or hoof and they could not tell me of the pain, but only to stop and look at me with sad eyes as to say, “please help me, make it stop”. As humans we also get thorns in our body and we remove them and move forward. What about the thorns in our hearts? If we do not address the thorns they get rooted deeper and as time passes they cause more pain.

If someone says something that stirs or shifts our thorns, we become angry sometimes downright mean simply because we are in pain.  Yoga has helped me to pull out thorns slowly, at times I will get triggered and say something I wish I hadn’t and I realize just how much work I have yet to do. The hard work of asana and also learning to be gentle with myself have become essential for me to be a healthier and more enlightened person.  One of the thorns that yoga has helped me heal from is not being okay with myself. No matter how many sit ups or how many asana classes I teach or take, I still will have loose skin. My body is not that of a thirty, forty or even fifty year old but it's ok. We are more than our bodies - we have hearts and souls, the ability to show love, be loved. The mat, the practice, and the meditation are the way for me. 

The path is the journey and the journey is the path, moving forward and not knowing but being okay with not knowing that is where the courage happens.  Eagle Yoga House has been a true teacher and given me a purpose over the past nine and a half years. Thank you to all of you who continue to support our studio and for those of you who are giving us a try. As a studio we cannot meet the needs of all people, but as a whole I believe we are doing great work! One of my favorite times of my day is listening to you all laugh in the locker rooms, encouraging each other and visiting after class. I am so proud of our little studio and the yogis and yoginis who keep the wheels turning.

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