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Teacher Training

Explore the ancient practice of yoga.

We are pleased to offer our highly acclaimed 200-hr Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training program. You are about to begin a wonderful and rewarding journey completing the RYT certification program. Learn Asana, philosophy, teaching methods, basic anatomy, and much more.

Teacher Training Dates for 2023/2024:

August 25, 26, 27

September 15, 16, 17

October 20, 21, 22

November 17, 18, 19

December 15, 16, 17

January 19, 20, 21

February 9, 10, 11

March 8, 9, 10 

Here is a small sample of what you would learn:

  • HOW TO CREATE A SAFE SPACE FOR STUDENTS: Our key principles are relax, clarify, engage and offer. You will learn how to incorporate this into your teaching.

  • HOW TO STRENGTHEN YOUR ASANA PRACTICE: As you learn to help others build their strength, you will also enjoy those benefits.

  • WHY AND HOW YOGA EXISTS: We will spend time learning the history of yoga. Every student finishes this course knowing which style of yoga they are interested in.

  • HOW TO HELP TRANSFORM OTHERS: One of the most amazing things of teaching yoga is watching it benefit others. You’ll learn when to encourage and when to observe your students.

The cost is $2,850 and a deposit of $500 is required.

Sign up to reserve your spot in the next available group.

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“Yoga Teacher Training gave me the knowledge and confidence to share the gift of yoga with students both new and seasoned. It also connected me to other like-minded people… I have discovered myself and I have healed in so many ways.” - Brea J.


“I signed up for teacher training with the expectation and hope of ending with enough knowledge to get a job teaching yoga. It sounded really nice getting paid a little extra money to be able to do something I was already doing on a regular basis! But what I ended up getting was a deeper understanding of all facets of yoga, connecting with like minded people, and learning how to share something I love with all practitioners in my class." - Amy S

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