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A note from Susan...

Fall colors in Idaho are truly stunning. I especially enjoy walking the foothills with my dogs, Joey, Bella and Brody and riding my horse in the lovely outdoors of Eagle. I love the sound of Beeze’s hooves on the solid dirt and the snorts through her nose as she grazes. I love her velvet muzzle and her patient loving brown eyes. 

I was listening recently to a podcast about thorns and how when we have one in our body it hurts and we need to remove it. There have been plenty of times when one of my animals have had a thorn or goat head in his or her paw or hoof and they could not tell me of the pain, but only to stop and look at me with sad eyes as to say, “please help me, make it stop”. As humans we also get thorns in our body and we remove them and move forward. What about the thorns in our hearts? If we do not address the thorns they get rooted deeper and as time passes they cause more pain.

If someone says something that stirs or shifts our thorns, we become angry sometimes downright mean simply because we are in pain.  Yoga has helped me to pull out thorns slowly, at times I will get triggered and say something I wish I hadn’t and I realize just how much work I have yet to do. The hard work of asana and also learning to be gentle with myself have become essential for me to be a healthier and more enlightened person.  One of the thorns that yoga has helped me heal from is not being okay with myself. No matter how many sit ups or how many asana classes I teach or take, I still will have loose skin. My body is not that of a thirty, forty or even fifty year old but it's ok. We are more than our bodies - we have hearts and souls, the ability to show love, be loved. The mat, the practice, and the meditation are the way for me. 

The path is the journey and the journey is the path, moving forward and not knowing but being okay with not knowing that is where the courage happens.  Eagle Yoga House has been a true teacher and given me a purpose over the past nine and a half years. Thank you to all of you who continue to support our studio and for those of you who are giving us a try. As a studio we cannot meet the needs of all people, but as a whole I believe we are doing great work! One of my favorite times of my day is listening to you all laugh in the locker rooms, encouraging each other and visiting after class. I am so proud of our little studio and the yogis and yoginis who keep the wheels turning.




Our Philosophy

We believe that yoga is for everyone and that you don't have to fit into a certain mold for this practice.  Once you commit and continue to show up on your mat time and time again, you begin to see a shift in yourself mentally and physically. Meditation, breath, and the physical practice of yoga can impact your life in a beautiful way.  Along with Hot Yoga and the Vinyasa practice, Eagle Yoga House offers workshops, teacher trainings and community gatherings where all aspects of yoga are studied.  We pride ourselves in being a small family-owned neighborhood studio.

Join us as we merge body, mind, and soul, and spread yoga into every part of your life.


Susan & Dennis Dusho