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Yoga Teacher Training is an amazing journey.  You will find yourself with like-minded people from all walks of life, with different attitudes and beliefs, brought together by a love for yoga. There are many courses available.  EYH adheres to the requirements of the Yoga Alliance. You will learn how to stand up in front of a classroom of students and deliver a yoga sequence that you have developed.  You will also be trained in anatomy, teaching methods, philosophy, and the history of yoga.

We are an eleven year old studio that focuses on relationships and the community.  Your Teacher Training will consist of 200 hours of training, of which, 180 hours will be face to face contact with senior instructors who care about your success.  During your Teacher Training, specialists will be invited to deliver information and share different perspectives on specific modules.

What if you need extra help?
We will be available to support you if a session is missed or if you just need additional repetition.  One of our lead teachers will be happy to spend extra time with you if you need more time to absorb the information.

EYH will provide a Syllabus and a 200 Hour Manual so that you can learn from the group, and also learn in your own time.  The book, ‘Light on Yoga’ by BKS Iyengar, will be required and referred to often throughout the training.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that yoga is for everyone and that you don't have to fit into a certain mold for this practice.  Once you commit and continue to show up on your mat time and time again, you begin to see a shift in yourself mentally and physically. Meditation, breath, and the physical practice of yoga can impact your life in a beautiful way.  Along with Hot Yoga and the Vinyasa practice, Eagle Yoga House offers workshops, teacher trainings and community gatherings where all aspects of yoga are studied.  We pride ourselves in being a small family-owned neighborhood studio.

Join us as we merge body, mind, and soul, and spread yoga into every part of your life.


Susan & Dennis Dusho

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