A strong desire to share this is what lead me to teach yoga and I am honored, humbled, excited and filled with joy to be able to share it with you.  
Commit, grow, and fearlessly shine!


Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is is a highly structured vinyasa-style class. There are five Ashtanga asana series and each student must master every pose of the first series before moving onto the second series.


Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a branch of yoga that emphasizes physical exercises to master the body along with mind as well as exercises to withdraw it from external objects.


Iyengar Yoga

Lyengar is a form of Hatha Yoga that has an emphasis on detail, precision and alignment in the performance of posture (asana) and breath control (pranayama).


Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras, such as Sat Nam, meaning “truth is my identity.” The goal is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness.

Your life of Yoga


Eagle Yoga House

 We believe that yoga is for everyone and that you don’t have to fit into a certain mold for this practice.  Once you commit and continue to show up on your mat time and time again, you begin to see a shift in yourself mentally and physically. Meditation, breath, and the physical practice of yoga can impact your life in a beautiful way.

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Featured Courses


At Eagle Yoga House we offer a full range of Yoga instruction for all skill levels and ages.
Here are a few of our features classes.

Why Eagle Yoga House?


Experienced Teachers

Our RYT 200 certified instructors have more then 20 years of combined experience in various yoga disciplines.

Classes That Fit Your Schedule

We know that in today’s busy world is hard to find personal time, because of this we offer a large range of class times from 5:45am to 8:00pm


Our 3,400 square feet green studio offers two yoga rooms, an array of modern technologies including a state-of-the-art infrared radiant heating system.

State of the art technology in a down to Earth environment

Our 3,400 square feet studio includes Eco-friendly bamboo flooring, Non-VOC paint, organic shampoos, conditioners, and body wash, as well as purified water, and water saving toilets and sinks.   We also offer an array of modern and local clothing lines, yoga products and more.

We feature a state-of-the-art infrared radiant heating system.  This heating system is within the wavelength range validated by Yale University’s PierceLaboratories to be 98 percent absorbed by human skin. Benefits include a silent, tranquil, healthful environment that is free from drafts, bacteria distribution, allergens, or other contaminants, where the mind can focus on the practice of yoga.


“When you listen to yourself, everything comes naturally. It comes from inside, like a kind of will to do something. Try to be sensitive. That is yoga.”
–Petri Räisänen

About Eagle Yoga House

Hello and welcome to Eagle Yoga House! We are glad you are curious to try yoga at EYH. If you are brand new to yoga or coming back after a hiatus we recommend you try our Beginning Yoga Workshop or Ashtanga Mix-Up class. It will be a wonderful way to ease yourself in to a regular practice and acquaint you with your body, mind and spirit.

Our Status in Numbers

Total Clients

“There is always room for change, but you have to be open to that change.”


Years of Experience

“A photographer gets people to pose for him. A yoga instructor gets people to pose for themselves.”


Poses Learned

“Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is what you learn on the way down.”



“The study of asana is not about mastering posture.  It’s about using posture to understand and transform yourself.”

Our Team


A few of our highly trained and passionate instructors.

Susan Dusho


I know some people can feel intimidated when they try a hot yoga class for the first time. People were telling me, ‘I’m not flexible enough.’ That’s not what yoga is about. It’s more about creating openness and flexibility in your life and in your mind.

Mark Zimmerer


The emphases in my bodywork are breath work, lymphatic drainage, deep tissue, visceral manipulation, and subtle cranial work. I love being able to help people sink into a deep, relaxed, healing state.

Tracy Greenway


I teach with passion and joy. I hope for each person I teach to tap into their fearless light that wants to burst out. To find peace and joy, strength and lightness, and self love. To honor the mind/body connection.



I enjoys teaching a vinyasa-style power hour and Hot-26/Bikram class, bringing lots of energy and fun music to each of my classes. I am a strong believer that your mat is a sacred place, and that it always where you can come to to heal yourself physically and mentally.

Eagle Yoga House Offers A Wide Range Of Classes

We are passionate about what we do, and that shows through in our classes!

Pick a Yoga Pack

  • 1 Month $100/month
  • 3 Month $90/month
  • 12 Month $80/month
  • 1 Month $90/month
  • 3 Month $80/month
  • 12 Month $70/month
  • 1 Month $160/month
  • 3 Month $150/month
  • 12 Month $130/month
  • 10 Class Card $120
  • 25 Class Card $250
  • 50 Class Card $450
  • 10 Class Card $90
  • 25 Class Card $200
  • 50 Class Card $350
$900.00/ one-time
  • Unlimited Classes
$780/ one-time
  • Unlimited Classes
$1300.00/ one-time
  • Unlimited Classes

Auto-pay packages & Student packages must be purchased in-person. 
Military/Senior Citizens 5% Off all packages
 Corporate Pricing 10% Off  all packages
5 or more employees must sign up together

Eagle Yoga House

Although yoga has its origins in ancient India, its methods and purposes are universal, relying not on cultural background, faith or deity, but simply on the individual. Yoga has become important in the lives of many contemporary Westerners, sometimes as a way of improving health and fitness of the body, but also as a means of personal and spiritual development.

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