11 N Fisher Park Way, Suite109, Eagle Id  83616 






Welcome to our House. A space where you can calm yourself, clear your mind, and acquire your best physical, mental and emotional shape.


Become inspired as you reconnect with your inner self, gaining strength, courage and fearlessness. Learn to live in the NOW.  


We invite you to come each day as if it were your first, no matter what your experience.  Come with a beginners attitude and you will discover something new each session.  Enjoy and absorb the healing heat as you re-conjoin with others and become rejuvenated each day.  At Eagle Yoga House we encourage you to come into your yoga practice and learn to “be”.  We welcome you with an open heart and spirit.  Namaste.


“Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundries.”


Corita Kent-Artist/Educator